For Employers

Sterling I-Check™ is a simple and complete solution that draws on Sterling's 40 years of experience in helping companies make informed hiring choices

Sterling I-Check's industry-leading, in-person/real-time criminal record check coupled with it's identify verification systems ensures that the candidate you hire has the clean background you need

Sterling I-Check is the only system that allows individuals to easily conduct their own background check to provide comprehensive and factual results.

Direct prospective employees to initiate their own Sterling I-Check Background Check:

  • Eliminate administrative burdens associated with conducting Screening programs
  • Consistent Background Screening platform to ensure sound, legally compliant hiring decisions
  • Eliminate the cost of conducting background checks
  • Include potential hires in the process

About Sterling

Using the best-of-breed technology and matchlesss Voice of the Customer support, Sterling provides customers with a one-source solution to effectively onboard and manage their workforce.